Allan MacDonald

Allan MacDonald is an artist living and working in the Highlands. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, Allan returned to his native Highlands and has been painting there ever since. His love affair with the Northern landscape has never wavered, intent on exploring his sense that the physical landscape is in some way an echo of some greater meaning.
What he delivers are works of uncompromising beauty, wonderfully authentic responses to a landscape, to people that he has come to know so intimately and yet still manages to surprise us with their essential directness and simplicity.

In his work he seems to have rediscovered a freedom less hampered by the need to follow current trends, confident that his instincts with paint are correct, matched only by his ambition to share with us a world intentionally beautiful and blessed with optimism

Working primarily with oils, his paintings are mainly preoccupied with the Northern landscape. Recently however portraiture and figurative pieces have started to appear.
There is an almost magical quality to Allan’s work, the power and spirit of nature apparent. Painting mostly outside on location, Allan believes it is essential, as things happen out in the open that would never occur in the studio.
Allan’s work is increasingly recognised and sought after by private collectors worldwide.